Audible App.


Available on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and PC

Not a Traditional review from me today. I’m reviewing an App as opposed to an actual book, CD, etc.

I like stories. I always have, I love listening to stories as much as reading them and Audible is a fantastic wee app for this. I am a member of their subscription service and have been for donkeys now, 1 book download a month and all of them are mostly listened to on my phone or my trusty 32 GB iPod.

Audible has recently gave this App a wee face lift. Before it was confusing and often rather clunky to listen or download the books.  The new app layout however streamlines a lot of the process and gives it a more professional feel.

I still like the achievements part of the app however I do wish they could be synced across all devices as I have 40 hours worth of listening on 1 version of the app and over 200 on another.

All in all it is a fantastic evolution of  the audio book especially as you no longer need to carry 18-20 CD’s in your car per book.

It’s an app I won’t get rid off when beanie comes as hopefully I can use Steven Fry’s dulcet tones to lure him back to sleep.

9 out of 10 on the app 1 point lost for the syncing of achievements.

(Roll on my next credit for A Clash of Kings: Part two. I was going to get it this month but alas Inferno came out and I wanted to see what happened to Robert.)


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