Didn’t It Rain- Hugh Laurie




Release Date: 6th May 2013

Songs: 13

Running Time: 56.27

Track Listing:

1. “The St. Louis Blues” 4:23
2. “Junkers Blues” 2:55
3. “Kiss of Fire” 3:27
4. “Vicksburg Blues” 4:28
5. “The Weed Smoker’s Dream” 4:17
6. “Wild Honey” 4:20
7. “Send Me To The ‘Lectric Chair” 5:26
8. “Evenin'” 3:03
9. “Didn’t It Rain” 2:52
10. “Careless Love” 5:21
11. “One For My Baby” 4:00
12. “I Hate A Man Like You” 4:17
13. “Changes” 3:58

I know I know, It’s not from 100 years ago what am I doing reviewing it!

Isn’t Hugh Laurie a total bastard. I mean seriously as if being tall, handsome, funny, smart, articulate and a fantastically astounding actor to the point that he was the most watched person in the world while House was on, he is also now succeeding in another field of entertainment.

Releasing his second album after the best selling “Let them Talk” Hugh delves once again into the world of blues and my god does he do it justice.

While not being blessed with the strongest singing voice it seems to be suited towards the blues style of slow drawl singing.

“Junkers Blues” emphasis’ this with its slow styling and talk of getting high, while “Kiss Of Fire” gives a wonderfully melodramatic duet with Gaby Moreno.

Strangely though while having less guests on this album Hugh seems to be more content in the background than he did on the previous album, both on the piano and the mic he seems to allow himself to slip into the boogie of the song and allowing the backing singers to come to the forefront.

The influence of the New Orleans Scene is there for all to be seen, and Hugh plays it well, and the more simple unrefined tone of this album compared to “Let them talk”.

Didn’t It Rain is an excellent second album by Hugh. This is a haunting album that if my wife ever leaves me taking Beanie, Daisy and the Sky box with her, I will be sitting listening to with a bottle of scotch and a colt 45.

God damn you, you talented talented man.

8 out of 10





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