The Great Escape- Blur


Release Date: September 1995

Songs: 15

Running Time: 56.56

Track Listing:
1. “Stereotypes” – 3:10
2. “Country House” – 3:57
3. “Best Days” – 4:49
4. “Charmless Man” – 3:34
5. “Fade Away” – 4:19
6. “Top Man” – 4:00
7. “The Universal” – 3:58
8. “Mr. Robinson’s Quango” – 4:02
9. “He Thought of Cars” – 4:15
10. “It Could Be You” – 3:14
11. “Ernold Same” – (Feat. Ken Livingstone) 2:07
12. “Globe Alone” – 2:23
13. “Dan Abnormal” – 3:24
14. “Entertain Me” – 4:19
15. “Yuko and Hiro” – 5:24

This is a historic album for all the wrong reasons. I firmly believe that this album broke britpop. Blur know it, We know it and god knows poor britpop knows it. When this was first released it received rave reviews near perfect marks in all the major magazines and papers, but it doesn’t stand up to the test of time. It has dated badly, some of the lyrics are downright bizarre (Who the hell rhymes Hairpiece with Herpes) and even half the songs released as singles just don’t stand up.

Country House is arguably the strongest song on the album (though I do have a soft spot for He thought of cars) and rightfully earned the band their first number one.  The Universal is a sublime piece of music however both Stereotypes and Charmless man in retrospect are suspect at best and nowadays probably would have only been released as a B-side.

The rest of the album swings back and forth between Alburn’s more heartfelt lyrics and social commentary to the down right horrible (see Dan Abnormal and Mr Robinson’s Quango for the worst.) However 15 songs with about 8 of them filler level just doesn’t cut it.

I’m Gutted

I truly am

I put this album on in the theory that I would be writing a favorable review and it just hasn’t happened, however a quick check online shows that at least Me and Blur are in agreement on this one. Alburn has called it “Messy” and Coxon refuses to talk about it which to be fair is probably for the best.

On the plus side without this album the next album the self titled “Blur” wouldn’t have been made, The band wouldn’t have moved away from britpop and “Song 2” wouldn’t exist. So thank god for small mercy’s

In 1995 10 out of 10

18 years on however the album just doesn’t hold up 5ish out of 10

Now it’s time for this album to Steve Mcqueen it over the impenetrable wall of nappies I have built around it.




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