Separations – Pulp


Release Date: July 1992

Songs: 9

Running Time: 48.41

Track Listing:

1. “Love Is Blind” 5:45
2. “Don’t You Want Me Anymore?” 3:52
3. “She’s Dead” 5:09
4. “Separations” 4:45
5. “Down by the River” 3:39
6. “Countdown” 5:07
7. “My Legendary Girlfriend” 6:51
8. “Death II” 5:36
9. “This House Is Condemned” 7:52

Recorded in 1989 but only released just before Pulps first album for Island records in 1992 Pulps third album is a bit schizophrenic and hard to label. The first half of the album is more akin to the style Pulp hit the big time with, the dark brooding lyrics,  the rambling vocal style that made Jarvis Cocker a household name in the 90’s, while the second half from Countdown onwards is a more Acid house affair with the Synth turned up to 11.

Even as a Pulp fan I wouldn’t go as far to say that this album is anywhere near a classic, It’s an album of a band that was ever evolving having went through 20+ members at this point and would really solidify to “His ‘N’ Hers”

That being said “Don’t you want me anymore” is a remarkable social observation of an arrogant Protagonist leaving his partner and when things don’t work out expecting to just turn up and reclaim her.

“Down By the River” Harks back to the dark and disturbing album that preceded separations “Freaks” as Jarvis rambles about death by the river.

“Dip my toe in the water, In the river where I watched you drown.”

Probably the strongest song on the album is Countdown. An acid house, disco infused insight into a sex obsessed teen. the pumping synth and bass lines make it an instantly catchy tune.

Other than those few songs honestly I can take or leave the rest of the album, thankfully there was a lot more to offer from Pulp as showcased by three albums that cam after this, all of which will get an airing on here probably very soon.

As for now Separations is a 6 out of 10 album. Nothing too special but an indication of things to come.

Now is time to separate me from this album and maybe take it a walk down to the river.




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