Relationship Of Command- At The Drive In

at the drive in


Release Date: September 2000

Songs: 11

Running Time: 45.31

Track listing:

1. “Arcarsenal” 2:55
2. “Pattern Against User” 3:17
3. “One Armed Scissor” 4:19
4. “Sleepwalk Capsules” 3:27
5. “Invalid Litter Dept.” 6:05
6. “Mannequin Republic” 3:02
7. “Enfilade” 5:01
8. “Rolodex Propaganda” 2:55
9. “Quarantined” 5:24
10. “Cosmonaut” 3:23
11. “Non-Zero Possibility” 5:36

I’ve just finished listening to this album for the first time in about 6 years.

God I forgot how good it is.

People forget how good this album is. It should have been At the Drive In’s “nevermind” launching them into to super-stardom however shortly after the release of the album the band disbanded, which while a great shame maybe ultimately for the best. This their third and by far best album has been left as their swansong and what a way to bow out.

The albums energy and relentlessness of the album is dictated within the first three songs of the album. Arcarsenal, Pattern Against User, One Armed Scissor ( probably the best known and fair to say probably the standout track of the album.) the relentless guitar, bass, drums combined with Bixler’s made for rock Vocals make them enthralling to listen to.

One Armed Scissor in particular draws you in at the start before calming down and slowly building up to to the point where the whole song explodes in an Afro Banging wall of noise.

After that you would expect the album to take a breather however Sleepwalk Capules is just as fast paced and frantic and its not until Invalid Litter Dept. that it finally slows down though not by much.

Mannequin Republic is probably the weakest song on the album but it is still better than the filler on most other albums while Enfilade brings something a little bit different to the album with just a little bit of a different sound to it.

Rolodex Propaganda (The second single released from the album) is one of the few songs ever to actually benefit from Iggy Pop singing on the track, which frightens me slightly. (Authors note- Iggy Pop gives me nightmares. That saggy, wrinkled, prune like man is enough to make anyone cry I think.)

Quarantined, Cosmonaut and Non-Zero Possibility round out the album and are all while not in the same quality as the start of the album still stonking tunes to listen to.

All in all nearly 13 years after it’s first release this album is still an easy 9.5 out of 10.

But for now the end is near, it’s time for Relationship of Command to head towards the window and in the words of One Armed Scissor:

“Pucker up and kiss the asphalt now”

Methinks the only relationship of command I will see for now will be my wife ordering me to do the midnight feeds.

Peace Out All


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