The Bugle Podcast

the bugle

Established: 2007

Once again I plunge myself into the world of Podcasts and my lack of time management. This time I’m going to focus on one of my all time favorite broadcasts The Bugle Podcast. The Bugle is a satirical podcast starring John Oliver and Andy “recently given middle name Zaltor” Zaltzman and producer Chris. Originally it was part of the Timesonline lineup however from January 2012 has been independent and self sufficient relying on listener donations and eventually if they ever add it to the website merchandise.

Now I admit The Bugle will not to be to everyone’s tastes, however it is bone jarringly funny. Be it one of John Oliver’s “Fuckulogies” for the dearly departed despots or dare I say it … One of Andy Zaltzman’s epic pun runs which can push a man to the brink of despair and I believe may be responsible for at least three suicides a week.

These two are prevented from going completely off the rails by the leash that is Producer Chris, who while being the subject of the most affectionate hate campaign I have ever seen, still manages to find ways of keeping both Oliver and Zaltzman on some kind of topic.

At the moment of writing I am waiting on Bugle 230 or possibly Bugle 229 (c) if John and Andy haven’t managed to do one. However as it is now a day late (traditionally the bugle is released every Friday.) I have but one thing to say


As I said It is an affectionate hate campaign.

I don’t know if the Bugle will be as regular soon however as John Oliver will be taking over from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show for 12 weeks. Hopefully he will still find time to give us this wee gem of a podcast each week.

Since leaving the TimesOnline group, The Bugle has become shorter so I can justify including it into my trip to work once a week so The Bugle will be staying and not being replaced by little bo peep.

8 out of 10 though quality does vary through out the individual podcasts.


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