International Velvet- Catatonia


Release Date: February 1998

Songs: 12

Running Time: 44.56

Track Listing

  1. Mulder and Scully” – 4:11
  2. Game On” – 2:51 
  3. I am the Mob” – 3:09
  4. Road Rage” – 5:09
  5. “Johnny Come Lately”  – 4:36
  6. “Goldfish And Paracetamol” – 3:50
  7. “International Velvet” – 4:23
  8. “Why I Can’t Stand One Night Stands” – 2:40
  9. “Part of the Furniture” – 4:08
  10. “Don’t Need the Sunshine” – 3:49
  11. Strange Glue”  – 3:44
  12. “My Selfish Gene” – 2:27

This is an album that my wife has been taking the mick out of me for many many years now. It’s not that the album is bad it’s more what came with the album. I got on release in 1998 and along with it came a wee card asking what you thought of Catatonia and where you first heard the band. Well being the wee fan boy that I was I filled this in. Unfortunately because I’m a lazy arse I never sent it nor did I bin it. My wife upon discovery has never let me live down the four words scrawled in my adolescent handwriting.

Where Did You hear About us: Atlantic 252

What do you think: They’re Brilliant.

My wife now likes shouting that at me complete with faux welsh accent every chance she gets (though she can never remember the radio station.) Its become a running joke for her but no less I still love this album. It’s brilliant.

Lets start with the 3 singles from the Album. Mulder and Sculley, a fast rockpop number that appeals to me even just in name alone. I remember seeing this song in the charts before I had heard the single and thinking “that songs for me”. I am the mob is a harder more edgy song and gives Cerys a chance to advance her then persona as the hard girl in the britpop world, while road rage is a more mellow pop song with a damn catchy chorus which to this day I am still singing.

now lets move onto some of the finer non filler tracks of the album. The mentally schizophrenic International Velvet which boasts the chorus of “Everyday that I wake up I thank the lord I’m Welsh.” Why I can’t stand one night stands is a soulful tune filled with mixed emotions and a feeling of hopelessness which makes it a wonderfully haunting song.

Don’t need the sunshine is another poppy tune with a bit of a sixties vibe to it. while strange glue once again speaks of the breakup of a relationship. there is some filler like Johnny come lately and  goldfish and paracetamol which while being OK just don’t stand out at all.

Now as you cam probably tell I have a Passion for this album. so naturally trying to be objective is hard for me. Objectively however it would probably 7 out of 10

Now I’m putting International Velvet out to stud and to live its final days Listening to Longwave Radio Atlantic 252 and do you know why? Because while it is Brilliant, the only horse I’ll need soon is a rocking horse.




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