Feeling Strangely Fine- Semisonic


Release Date: March 1998

Songs: 12

Running Time: 50.31

Track Listing

  1. Closing Time – 4.33
  2. Singing in My Sleep – 4.30
  3. Made to Last – 5.02
  4. Never you mind – 4.24
  5. Secret  Smile – 4.39
  6. DND – 4.11
  7. Completely Pleased- 3.19
  8. This will be my year – 4.32
  9. All worked out- 2.52
  10. California – 5.29
  11. She spreads her wings- 3.06
  12. Gone to the movies- 3.52

This was Semisonic’s second album and probably their most successful album. Giving us the hit Closing time and my favorite song of 1998 Secret smile it is a solid album with songs on there that i can’t quite believe where not released as singles.

Criminally Singing in my sleep was never released as a single and at times is stronger than Closing time both lyrically and arguably with a better up tempo beat.

Made to last, Never you mind and DND slows the pace down a bit but they are still excellent album tunes and tie the album together nicely, as does This will be my year and All worked out.

Completely pleased, California and She spreads her wings don’t quite measure up to the rest of the album and gone to the movies is a bit too slow and becomes a bit repetitive near the end.

I love this album however I am changing my rating system from 5 to 10 from now on just so i can be a bit more accurate.

This album I’ll give 8.5 out of 10. The good songs far out-way the mediocre.

This Album alas It doesn’t have to go home but it cant stay here. I need room for the Tellytubbies  greatest hits CD.



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