The Moth Podcast.


Established: 1997

One thing I whole heartily accept is the fact that it is just not space I will have to sacrifice but it is time as well. As a result I have decided to include Podcasts, Audiobooks and other such digital media in my reviews. The first one of these will be The Moth Podcast, a truly wonderful and uplifting podcast which has allowed me to gain an incite to numerous lives since i started listening.

For those of you not in the know The Moth is a non-profit organisation based in New York and they are dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. Founded in 1997 it wants to recreate the days sitting on the porch when you would be so engrossed by someone that the moths would be hitting the lights on the porch.

Nowadays it has a wonderful podcast that spans over a million downloads a month. Once a week they will release a 10-30 minute podcast that has one or two people just telling a story, whether it be funny, sad, uplifting or depressing they just focus on the story, nothing more, nothing less and as a result I must say it creates a wonderful moment where the person in focus that week is the be all and end all of everything.

Every week reveals something personal from someones life it doesn’t matter if it’s good, bad or indifferent the stories are wonderful and addictive to listen to.

If you enjoy a tale you really need to subscribe to this podcast. and even if you don’t like a tale the variance of Human experience in these podcasts means that you have to at least listen to a couple.

This is one that I can’t find it in me to throw out in return for a baby toy. My love for this podcast will keep me listening no matter what the story for as long as keep it going. No matter what I think I will still have to make time … Maybe between feedings … Just to continue to hear the uplifting stories this podcast brings. I just wish there was a UK version   .

I have bought a couple of the albums  they have on Itunes so expect these being reviewed at a later date but for now, all I can say is listen to this you may just find it changes your life.

5 out of 5 consistently each and every time and that’s a compliment coming from me.


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