Lets Hope this is the start of something wonderful.

Hello All,

My names Dave what’s yours? I hope you are all well and if not get better soon. Let me tell you just a wee bit about myself. I’m nearly 30, Live in Scotland and have a Wife with a Wee one on the way and I have a kick ass giant house rabbit.

So now the awkward part is out of the way let me say welcome to my small part of the internet, an insight into the way I see things and so I apologize in advance.

I first had the idea of starting a blog in December 2012 when my darling wife announced she was pregnant. At that point it was just going to me putting down my thoughts and feelings on the subject, however as time moved on and we started buying things for “Wee Beanie” I realized that my hoarding had to stop and my collections of things would have to go.

Let me just explain I am the worlds worst for throwing out anything, I will hold onto it probably not looking at it for years upon years, until my wife tells me to throw it out and then it becomes the object of an obsession for a few days before reverting back to its original hiding place.

So this blog is going to be twofold, it’s going to be a last hurrah for the things I am about to get rid off. The plan is to go through my books, DVD’s, CD’s, consoles, games, audio-books, etc. etc. one last time and post a review. Once the review is up the Item will leave my flat to be replaced by a Bottle, a rattle or a nappy.

My one hope however is that if any one starts reading my reviews and enjoys them then maybe they will suggest something new for me to try and read, watch or listen to, so by the time “Beanie” is old enough I’ll have a bank of reviews to help them choose what sort of thing he or she might enjoy.

Obviously let me stress these reviews will only be my opinion and I just hope that you enjoy and maybe even find something you didn’t know existed.

If you have suggestions please leave me a comment.

See you all soon.



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