Expectant father 101

Pregnancy takes it’s toll on everyone doesn’t it. I’ve now experienced some of it and I can only guess what my poor wife is going through at times. I went to bed at three this morning after setting this blog up and posting a couple of times.

I was awoken at 4 by a hacking cough and the jerks that indicate “Wee Beanie” was kicking six shades of nappy deposit from my missus. Now I can on occasion feel what Beanie is doing but from what my wife tells me he will be on Strictly Come Dancing in a years time.

To compound the issue she has a dose of the flu and a trip today to Ikea and Next Home beside where we live didn’t help matters and she has been off kilter ever since. Right now she is asleep and I am about to head off for a drink at the local for an hour.

I can’t wait for Beanie to arrive I just wish it wouldn’t take such a toll on my wife, especially as she views these days as wasted before the big arrival. I just hope she’s ok for tomorrow when we tackle the next big step and head to the Jack and Jill market to source some more stuff for Beanie.

I love my wife more and more each day for what she puts up with and I can’t believe how beautiful she’s got as the pregnancy has went on.

If it’s successful I’ll need to up my reviews to make room.

Peace out and see you on the flip.



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