A – Exit Stage Right


Release Date: August 2000

Songs: 8

Running Time: 25.3 mins

Track Listing

  1. Intro – 0.25
  2. If it ain’t broke, Fix it anyway – 2.34
  3. Monkey Kong – 3.46
  4. A- 3.29
  5. Old Folks – 4.03
  6. I Love Lake Tahoe – 4.53
  7. Over It – 1.46
  8. Foghorn- 4.30

This was A’s first live album recorded between 1999-2000 is a disjointed affair. There’s a couple of issues straight off the bat with this album. First it was not all recorded at the same gig so the quality of the recordings seems to vary wildly and second for a full priced CD (when I bought it I paid a tenner) It’s just too damn short, I mean, common, you have 8 tracks and you use one up on a 25 second intro. Once you get past the “epic” opening track the rest of the album gives very little I’m afraid to say, Monkey Kong and Old Folks are decent 4 to 5 star tunes however If it ain’t broke, Fix it anyway, A and I love lake Tahoe are 2 star at best and Over It and Foghorn are just horrible.

If you see it for under £4 then it’s worth a punt for Monkey Kong and Old Folks alone but any dearer then it is just too short, too fragmented and too average to pay for.

2 Stars outta 5.

So Exit Stage Right will Exit my front door to be replaced by a Tommee Tippie bottle.


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